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2021 Double Platinum Sponsors

North Star Energy

As a boutique land services firm, NSE’s primary goal is to provide the highest level of service and professionalism to our clients, as evidenced by our work product. To consistently meet that goal, we staff our projects with the most qualified landmen in the industry. Our team consists of experienced and well-versed field landmen, attorneys, and former in-house landmen, representing a collective wealth of knowledge and experience sufficient to manage any project.

We are devoted to our clients’ needs and we recognize that those need and directives can and do change frequently. As such, we are available to our clients at all times, redirecting resources and staffing as needed in real time. Our client-focused and responsiveness-driven approach has served our clients well, enabling us to provide efficiently-produced deliverables on a consistent basis.

As a result, we often have long-standing relationships with our clients, marked by mutual trust and respect. We aim to be our clients’ broker of choice, handling their most complex and sensitive projects.


We understand that strict time, accuracy and compliance fuel your profitability. With this in mind, Topographic offers comprehensive services designed around your Oil and Gas surveying needs. With a presence in almost every major shale play across the United States and a staff of 20 Professional Land Surveyors, 50+ draftsmen, 100+ crews and a dedicated GIS department, we survey more than 1000 miles of pipeline and over 5000 wells annually.

2021 Platinum Sponsors

Lathrop GPM

Our issues-focused team of Energy lawyers offers knowledgeable and creative problem-solving to our oil and gas industry clients, providing representation and counsel across a range of matters:

  • Assist with the acquisition and development of oil and gas reserves.
  • Represent buyers of oil and gas assets.
  • Negotiate and execute large due diligence projects.
  • Conduct title examinations and prepare and review title opinions, including complex acquisition, drilling and division order title opinions.
  • Negotiate complex oil and gas leases, purchase and sale agreements, and exchange agreements, including review of joint operating agreements, participation agreements, title standards, statutes and case law.
  • Advise on the implications of working interest partners, net revenue interest partners, and royalty interest owners related to payment of proceeds from oil and gas production.
  • Represent mineral exploration and development companies in the acquisition of easements and rights-of-way, including access across easements and rights-of-way owned by utilities, railroads, government entities and developers.
  • Provide acquisition and operational counsel with regard to numerous U.S. producing basins, including the federal tax implications associated with such transactions.
  • Represent secured and unsecured creditors and trustees in oil and gas bankruptcies and receiverships.
  • Advise on various estate matters that concern management of mineral interest, working interest and overriding royalty interest assets, as well as drafting of instruments that pertain to the transfer or organization of said interests.
  • Oversee environmental audits and contested landfill and hazardous waste projects.

Enduring Resources, LLC

Enduring Resources creates value through the identification, acquisition and exploitation of significant resource plays by:

  • Focusing on plays with large resource potential.  Our experience shows that the greatest value in the exploration and production business is created through pioneering the exploitation of core acreage positions with significant resource potential.
  • Focusing on geographies where we have or can transfer industry leading knowledge.  Our management team has been successful in the economic development of oil and gas plays from the leasing phase to full scale exploitation in many geographic basins in the United States. With the knowledge base we developed, we opportunistically deploy our expertise to new and evolving plays for best in class execution and results.
  • Improving development concepts during delineation.  Engineering plays a pivotal role with geology and geophysics in the delineation phase of project development.  Optimal value generation is achieved through the continuous improvement of recovering reserves while striving to improve capital efficiency and manage operating costs.
  • Deploying advancing technology.  The appropriate deployment of new or advancing technologies can enhance economic returns through all phases of project development.  As an early, and successful, adopter of new technology, we enhance value as incremental recoverable reserves are unlocked.
  • Increasing value through vertical integration.  Most newly developing oil and gas plays lack the midstream infrastructure to adequately support upstream operations.  In order to maximize our margins and to better control our value chain, we construct critical midstream infrastructure in the areas where we operate, including gathering systems; centralized compression; intrastate pipelines; water production, handling and reconditioning facilities; centralized batteries; gas treatment and liquids extraction facilities.
  • Building excellent working relations with landowners and service providers.
  • Operating in a prudent, safe and environmentally sensitive manner.
  • Creating a workplace where everyone is a winner.


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