The Denver Association of Petroleum Landmen (DAPL) is a non-profit organization of professional Landmen and other land-related persons that gather to increase their professional development. Members of the organization can do this by attending luncheons, seminars, educational workshops and networking events.

The mission of the DAPL is to advance the profession of landwork; advocate continuing education; uphold the honor and integrity of the oil, gas and minerals industry; cultivate cordial relationships among its members; perpetuate the history of the land profession and the memory of its members; and abide by, foster and uphold its code of ethics.


Board Position 2017-18 Board Member Company Work Phone Cell Email
PRESIDENT CHAD REPKO Anadarko 720-929-6000 chad.repko@anadarko.com
1ST VP ED HIGUERA Coronado Natural Resurces   619-581-7261 e.h.higuera@gmail.com
VICE PRESIDENT TYLER AYLOR Reagan Resources 303-534-5665 405-414-0219 tyleraylor@reaganresources.com
SECRETARY RHONDA DITTMER Noble Energy 720-587-2075 rhonda.dittmer@nblenergy.com
TREASURER SARAI MARTINEZ Anadarko 720-929-6000 sarai.martinez@anadarko.com
DIRECTOR 1 CAROLINE HANSEN Liberty Resources 303-749-5722 caroline.hansen@libertyresourcesllc.com
DIRECTOR 2 GIL GUETHLEIN Bayswater 720-881-4471 512-589-9441 gguethlein@bayswater.us
AAPL Director SHELLY ALBRECHT Franklin Mountain Energy, LLC 720-414-7855 shelly.s.albrecht@gmail.com
IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT SAM EVASICK Noble Energy 720-587-2173 samuel.evasick@nblenergy.com



DAPL President

Company        (@ time)

Landman of the Year

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Hall of Fame

Special Service Award

Presidents Award

1952 Lon Putnam Gulf Oil Corporation
1953 E.C. Vopat Texas Company
1954 Robert E. Barnard Carter Oil Company
1955 James R. Chandler LaGloria Oil Corp
1956 Joe B. Morris Lion Oil Company
1957 Hugh O. Post Union Oil Co. of California Keith S. Bennett Continental Oil Company
1958 W. James Saul Davis Oil Company Verner L. Eliason Pan American Petroleum Corp
1959 Gerald T. Tresner Independent Douglas E. Nelson Argo Oil Corporation
1960 R.A. Follansbee Murphy Corporation Frank H. Gower Sr. Gower Oil Company
1961 William J. Conroy Gulf Oil Corporation Ray T. Rader Independent
1962 Joe H. Cox The Superior Oil Company Howard Kiatta Texaco, Inc.
1963 Paul A. Rahe Gulf Oil Corporation Robert E. Barnard Humble Oil & Refining
1964 John B. Preston California Oil Company Jack O. Kennedy California Oil Company
1965 William A. Reynolds Independent Arthur S. Berger Sun Oil Company Joseph H. Mills
1966 William J.A. Johnson Kewanee Oil Company Roy E. Witcher Deister, Ward & Witcher
1967 Marshall R. Diggs, Jr. Independent Edward Skeeters Independent
1968 Carl F. Smith Humble Oil & Refining Max H. Ernest, III Pan American Petroleum Corp
1969 Allen Cook States Oil Company Thomas S. Yancey Pan American Petroelum Corp
1970 Max H. Ernest, III Amoco Production Co Arnold Church Pubco Petroleum Corp
1971 George F. Maddox Resources Exploration Ltd Ted Ashmore Chevron Oil Company C.S. “Fibber” McGhee
T.M. “Nick” Jordan
1972 D. Bert Hougland NCRA F.B. Jackson III Amoco Production Company
1973 Wendell E. Haley Transcontinent Oil Company D. Bert Hougland NCRA
1974 F.B. “Jack” Jackson III Amoco Production Company L. Allen Cook States Oil Company
J.W. “Bill” Jarvis Petroleum, Inc.
1975 Doug Helm Chevron Oil Company Doug Heim Chevron Oil Company
1976 H.F. Gumz Independent John S. Bergman Resources Investment
1977 Keith S. Bennett Continental Oil Company Glen Berger Independent
1978 Charles W. Ray Independent Bob Woodard Amoco Production Company
1979 Eugene R. Manthey Williams Exploration Co Wendell Haley Transcontinent Oil Company
1980 Maynard Robertson Snyder Oil Company Roland Champion Champion Resources
1981 Robert G. Woodard Maverex Corporation James M. Massell Powderhorn Petroleum Inc.
1982 Joseph F. Gavlick Chandler & Associates Inc J. Robert Outerbridge Outerbridge & Associates Inc James Donoghue
Nolan E. Glisson
Howard Kiatta
C.A. Patchen
Leo M. Brady
Gene O’Connor
1983 J. Robert Outerbridge Outerbridge & Assc Inc Willard A. Burton Jr University of Colorado (MLM Program) D.O. Churchhill
D. Bert Hougland
Robert T. Rushmore
Gerald T. Tresner
Arthur S. Berger
1984 J. Thomas Pursley Transco Exploration Company Maynard E. Robertson ROBCO Associates Roland F. Champion
Roy B. Edmundson
Connie Mull
Kenneth W. Brill
Thomas S. Yancey
1985 Richard A Champion Champion Resources Inc J. Thomas Pursley Transco Exploration Company Willard A. Burton, Jr.
Thomas G. Dorough
Roy E. Witcher
1986 Linda J. Massey Independent D.O. “Doc” Churchill Champlin Petroleum Joe B. Morris J. Robert Outerbridge
Thomas S. Pace
Maury Goodin
1987 Joe Freeman Independent John A. Redeker Amicus Energy Company
1988 Jack E. Deeter 5-D Enterprises Roy B. Edmundson Edmundson, Inc. Lou S. Putnam
William A. Reynolds
Wendell E. Haley
1989 Jack P. Duvall Harry H. Cullen Paul Messinger Davis Petroleum Corp
1990 George W. Clay IV High Plains Energy Company Jack P. Duvall Harry H. Cullen Joe H. Cox
Arnold Church
James M. Massell
Douglas H. Willson
Harold F. Riebesell
1991 John A. Redeker Amicus Energy Company Jack E. Deeter American Assn of Petroleum Landmen
1992 Alex B Campbell Lario Oil and Gas Co Glen Berger
Max H. Ernest III
Keith S. Bennett
1993 Kent S. Davis Steele Energy Corp Richard A. Champion Champion Resources Inc.
1994 William R. Leer Rocky Mountain Exploration
1995 Georgia G. Kofoed Ocean Energy Inc
1996 Nancy J Kiser Kiser Consulting Services Alex B. Campbell Aspect Management Corporation Janice J. “Jan” Podoll
J.M. “Jan” Schuh
Lynn D. Becker
1997 David L. Herbaly Herbaly Petroleum Corp Janice J. Podoll Independent
J.M. “Jan” Schuh Northwestern Land & Oil Prop.
1998 Roxy Blu Venoco Inc Joseph F. Gavlick Independent
1999 Edward L. McLaughlin Independent Mathew E. Meagher Meagher Oil & Gas Properties Mark D. Bingham
Georgia G. Kofoed
Lynn D. Becker
Nancy J. Kiser
2000 Mona L. Binion McElvain Oil and Gas Paul Connor UnitSource, Inc. W.G. Bill Van Bebber Nancy J. Kiser
Tab McGinley
2001 Robert G. Davis EOG Resources Steve Van Hook McMurry Energy Company John P. “Jack) Elliott, Jr. Vikki Gray
James “Kip” Joda
2002 James Peay Kerr-McGee Geoff C. Solich Medicine Bow Energy Jack Q. Moses Melissa Kovach
Ellis N. Jones Mary Sellers
Adrian Caufield
2003 Douglas P. Cullen Independent Nancy Kiser Independent Bruce Martens Ed McLaughlin
Harold Anderson
Ray Rader
Robert Woodard
2004 Duane Haley Kerr McGee Ed McLaughlin Petro-Canada Resources Gerald Van Hook James R. Peay
Randall Case
2005 N. Art Bollen Noble Energy Robert “Bob” Davis Rosetta Resources
2006 Kirsten Orahood Encana David Siple McElvain Oil & Gas
2007 Melvin Stahl Forest Oil Jane Crouch White Eagle Exploration  Richard P. Cullen
2008 Darren J. Lay Cimarex Energy Co Hunt Walker Bill Barrett Corporation
2009 John H Hasche Anadarko Petroleum Corporation Kirsten Orahood Encana Oil & Gas USA William O’Dell
2010 Sharon Regan-Williams Delek Joe Barrett Williams RMT Paul Messinger Mel Stahl
Frank DiGrappa
2011 Sean Howley Noble Energy Sharon Regan-Williams Rex Energy Joe Thames Danielle Scott
Doug Potter
2012 Joe Lorenzo Noble Energy Doug Potter Anadarko D. Kirk Tracy Sean Howley
2013 Wade Pollard Great Western Duane Fadness Liberty Resources Kelly Covington
2014 Bill Gonzalez Anadarko Melvin Stahl Dorado E&P Partners, LLC Kerry Heerssen
2015 Lauren Germinario Treble Energy Russ Koeniger Mary Sellers Committee Member: Caroline Hansen
Community Service: Feel the Energy 5K
Education: Nancy McDonald
Brett Wisner
2016 Austin Brewer Anadarko Nancy McDonald Anadarko Dave Padgett Committee Member: Mike Miller
Community Service: Amy Mowry
Education: Doug Sandridge
Mike Kuledge
Jake Baker
Doug Potter
2017 Sam Evasick Anadarko Doug Sandridge Jack Duvall Committee Member: John Jordan & Sue Hollcroft
Community Service: Robert Bram
Education: Craig Berube
Gil Guethlein
2018 Chad Repko Anadarko Jason Rayburn Extraction Roxy Forst Justin Ray James Parrot


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