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    Chairman: Kelly Muldoon

    Contact Committee Chair: PKELLYMULDOON@YAHOO.COM

    Description: Responsible for reviewing and investigating the background of local applicants for certification as a “Certified Professional Landman” and in making recommendations for their candidacy to the Committee.  Members of the Committee must be Certified Professional Landmen.

    CO-Chairman: Matt Smith

    Company: EOG Resources

    Contact Committee Chair:matthew_smith@eogresources.com

    CO-Chairman: Frances Ivers

    Company: QEP Resources

    Contact Committee Chair: frances.ivers@qepres.com

    Description: The Awards Committee selects the DAPL Landman of the Year and Hall of Fame Award from the membership. The committee also submits applications to AAPL for Awards including the Lifetime Achievement Award, AAPL Landman of the Year Award, Local Association of the Year Award, Best Newsletter/Bulletins (Large), Best AAPL Director’s Communication and other special awards. The committee is chaired by the previous Landman of the Year and includes additional volunteers from the membership. The voting members include the President, First Vice-President, and Directors.

    Chairman: Armando Trevino

    Company: Crowheart Energy, LLC

    Phone: 303-219-7086

    Contact Committee Chair: a.trevino@crowheartenergy.com

    Description: The Budget & Finance Committee is responsible for assisting the Treasurer on the overall budget of DAPL’s revenues and expenditures.  Coordinates the expenses generated by other committee activities.  Assist the DAPL Treasurer on an as needed basis for questions or concerns that may arise.

    Chairman: Matt Hoppe

    Company: Stengel Hoppe LLP

    Office: 303-325-2610

    Contact Committee Chair: matt@coloradoenergylaw.com

    Description: The Community Service Committee creates opportunities for DAPL members and their families to participate in volunteer events with non-profit and charity organizations in the Denver-metro area and throughout Colorado. Our goal is to inspire all of our members to share DAPL’s commitment to helping those in need, and to engage with our host communities as grass-roots leaders, helping to educate the public about DAPL’s purposes and people.

    Co-Chairman: Pam Cortese

    Company: TCO Land Services

    Contact Committee Chair:pcortese@tcolandservices.com

    Co-Chairman: Phil Cortese

    Company: TCO Land Services / TCO Compliance

    Contact Committee Chair: phil.cortese@tcolandservices.com

    Description: The DAPL Rockies Bash committee was originally tasked with driving attendance to the NAPE Denver conference by organizing an event that would encompass the spirit of Denver and the DAPL.  The Rockies Bash has become one of our signature events and is a way for DAPL to give back to the DAPL members.

    Co-Chairman: Pam Cortese

    Company: TCO Land Services

    Contact Committee Chair:pcortese@tcolandservices.com

    Co-Chairman: Phil Cortese

    Company: TCO Land Services / TCO Compliance

    Contact Committee Chair: phil.cortese@tcolandservices.com

    Description: The DAPL NAPE Rockies committee was tasked with driving attendance to the NAPE Denver conference by organizing an event that would encompass the spirit of Denver and the DAPL.  The Rockies Bash has become one of the signature events during the NAPE conference and is a way for DAPL to support the conference as well as give back to the DAPL members.   The committee focuses on ensuring the NAPE conference and the city of Denver have a long-term partnership.

    Chairman: Alex Campbell

    Company: Enduring Resources, LLC

    Office: 303-350-5107

    Contact Committee Chair: acampbell@enduringresources.com

    Description: The Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation (RMMLF) is a collaborative educational non-profit organization dedicated to the scholarly and practical study of the law and regulations relating to mining, oil and gas, water, public lands, energy, environmental protection, and other related areas. The DAPL Trustee is a member of the trustee council appointed for a 3 year term. The trustee attempts to influence the RMMLF towards offering classes and seminars suitable to the DAPL membership and represents the landman community.  The trustee works on projects such as editing the Landman’s legal handbook and assisting with Landman related programing for the RMMLF.

    Co -Chairman: Bresee Carlson

    Contact Committee Chair: bresee.carlson@kuiperlawfirm.com

    Co -Chairman: Crosby Garrison

    Company: OXY

    Office: 720-929-4328

    Contact Committee Chair: crosby_garrison@oxy.com

    Description: The DAPL Education Committee is responsible for offering the DAPL membership quality educational opportunities.  These educational opportunities consist of 8 monthly luncheons and the Annual Fall Land Institute.  In order to find qualified presenters for these events there is an ongoing process of vetting potential speakers along with farming feedback from the membership concerning their expectations.  The Committee is also responsible (for) securing venues and fundraising for the events.  Apart from educating the membership, the events offer great networking and advertising opportunities by way of sponsorship.  The Committee is made up of 10 – 12 members that work together closely and get to know one another along the way.

    CO-Chairman: James Hubert

    Company: Discovery Land Services

    Phone: 303-993-3591

    Contact Committee chair: james@discoveryland.com

    CO-Chairman: Gil Guethlein

    Company: Bayswater

    Contact Committee chair: gguethlein@bayswater.us

    Chairman: Armando Trevino

    Company: Crowheart Energy, LLC

    Office: 303-219-7086

    Contact Committee Chair: a.trevino@crowheartenergy.com

    Description: The golf committee is responsible for organizing an annual Golf Tournament as a networking event for the DAPL membership.  The committee secures the golf course and works with the course staff to plan the tournament, selects the menus for the meals (i.e. breakfast and lunch), secures sponsorship for the event and arranges for all of the prizes given away to the participating players.  The committee and volunteers man the holes at the tournament that are used as fund raising holes for the DAPL scholarship funds.

    Chairman: Brett Wisner

    Company: Wizdom Land Solutions

    Cell: 303-601-5776

    Contact Committee Chair: brett@wizdomland.com

    Description: The IT/Technology Committee promotes and enables the use of technology to enhance the value of DAPL membership and to increase the efficiency of the organization. We provide technical advising and support to the DAPL board, its committees and other contributors.  Our goal is to maintain a committee of diverse technical talent capable of addressing hardware, software and website needs of the organization.

    Chair(s) Needed

    Description: The Mentoring program’s goal is to bridge the workforce gap through a mentoring relationship to transfer knowledge, resources and life experiences. It is designed to increase DAPL member engagement by providing young professionals direct access to successful industry leaders. The committee chair coordinates a yearlong series of programs that brings together the mentors and mentees. The yearlong program strives to create lasting relationships for both mentors and mentees through meaningful two-way dialogue. The committee can use help reviewing application and hosting events.

    Chairman: Malinda Morain

    Company: Beatty & Wozniak P.C.

    Office: 303.407.4477

    Contact Committee Chair: mmorain@bwenergylaw.com

    Chairman: Jeff Silver

    Office: 303-910-1232

    Contact Committee Chair: jasilver@gmail.com


    Description: The Membership Committee handles the approval process for all new members, including the collection of information from the new member and their sponsors, to ensure that all criteria for membership is accurate and DAPL bylaws are being followed.  The committee chair leads discussion about new member status and credentials, AAPL affiliation, and finalizes the list of approved applicants.  The Membership Committee also establishes general policies and programs to secure new members, coordinates membership promotion activities for retention, and serves the Association as a sounding board for all membership matters.

    Co-Chairman: David Connolly

    Company: QEP Resources

    Office: 303-595-5816

    Contact Committee Chair: david.connolly@qepres.com

    Co-Chairman: James Culbertson

    Company: Slawson Exploration Company, Inc.

    Office: 720-259-6405

    Contact Committee Chair: jculbertson@slawsoncompanies.com

    Description: Community. Fun. Service. The Networking Committee brings current and potential members together in fun and casual environments. We host events ranging from Networking Happy Hours to Nights at the Rockies to Recreation Energy League Sports Teams. Our goal is to create opportunities for developing relationships with fellow industry members by providing entertaining events and a forum for connecting with industry peers. If you’re interested in sponsoring an event, joining the committee or helping us out with check-ins at the front table at the next event, then please contact, our networking committee chair.

    Chairman: Tabatha Reed

    Company: DAPL Administrator

    Office: 303-446-2253

    Contact Committee Chair: dapl@dapldenver.org

    CO-Chairman: Malinda Morain

    Company: Beatty & Wozniak, P.C.

    Office: 303-407-4477

    Contact Committee Chair: mmorian@bwenergylaw.com

    CO-Chairman: Telbe Storbeck

    Company: Oxy

    Office: 720-929-6000

    Contact Committee Chair: telbe_storbeck@oxy.com

    Description: The DAPL Regulatory & Advocacy Committee is responsible for educating the DAPL membership on 2016 ballot initiatives and how they affect our industry and overall economy.  The Committee is also responsible for training members on industry facts and how to effectively engage others. Please contact Co-Chairs for additional information or to get involved.

    DAPL Advocacy Committee Recent Articles

    Important Insights on Our Power Grid Fragility from Meredith Angwin (9 minute read)


    Wind Energy Rejections the Sierra Club Doesn’t Want You to See (Robert Bryce)


    Chairman: Sarai Martinez

    Company: Oxy

    Office: 720-929-6000

    Contact Committee Chair: sarai.martinez@oxy.com


    Description: Responsible for reviewing applications for the Bill Goodwin Scholarship annually and making recommendations of awards to the Scholarship Board. The committee reviews between 50 and 100 applications annually from students attending AAPL accredited schools. Approximately 10 applicants are recommended for scholarships each year. The committee also reviews scholarship application forms and requirements as needed and makes recommendations for updates. Lastly, the committee communicates awards to the directors for each program as well as the students.

    Co-Chairman: Ed Doka

    Contact Committee Chair: eddoka@gmail.com

    Co-Chairman: Courtney Ahuja

    Company: Inflectio Energy LLC

    Office: 303-5312326

    Contact Committee Chair: courtney.ahuja@inflectionenergy.com

    Description: For over 30 years, DAPL and RMAG (Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists) have worked together to host a ski day where landmen and geologists can network, ski, and then relax at an après ski party. The DAPL GeoLand Ski Day committee works with the RMAG committee to plan the event, which is usually at a different mountain each year. The element that has remained the same over the years is the bus ride to and from the mountain. What an amazing networking opportunity!

    Chairman: Crosby Garrison

    Company: Oxy

    Office: 720-929-4328

    Contact Committee Chair: crosby_garrison@oxy.com

    Chairman: Todd Ritchie

    Company: Horizon Resources

    Phone: 720-505-7828

    Contact Committee Chair: tritchie@horizonresourcesllc.com


    Description: The DAPL Clay Shoot is one of the DAPL’s most popular events, attracting 200 participants each year.  Teams of shooters are challenged by a combined course of sporting clay targets, followed by lunch and the awarding of prizes.  Each shooter receives a door prize, with a 1-in-10 chance of winning a firearm, and a high-end shotgun is raffled off to benefit the DAPL Scholarship Fund.  Clay Shoot Committee members solicit sponsorships to cover the costs of the event, arrange for all food, drinks, prizes, and additional supplies to be obtained and delivered to the event, and assist in the running of the event.

    Chairman: Tyler Aylor

    Company: Impact Land, LLC

    Phone: 405-414-0219

    Contact Committee Chair: tyler@impactland.us

    Description: The University Liaison bridges the gap between the DAPL and the schools in Colorado and Wyoming that have Land Programs.  The Liaison provides feedback on resumes, interviewing tips and tricks as well as keeps the schools current in how the industry is doing in Denver and potential outlook for jobs after graduation.  By visiting the school campuses of those with AAPL accredited programs once a semester, the Liaison also provides assistance with obtaining Student membership from the DAPL and offers any help needed when the students have questions.


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