Did anti oil & gas sentiment come up at your Thanksgiving table?

Here are some talking points for your next family gathering.


Alex Epstein has talking points to address almost every objection to fossil fuels and climate change.

  • Contrary to rhetoric that we’ve “destroyed the planet,” the world has never been a better place for human beings to live.
  • Low-cost, reliable energy enables us to use machines to be productive and prosperous.
  • Fossil fuels have actually made us far safer from climate by providing low-cost energy for the amazing machines that protect us against storms, extreme temperatures and alleviate drought. Climate disaster deaths have decreased 98% over the last century
  • Solar and wind can’t come close to replacing fossil fuels. Click here for full article

Check out Tisha Schuller’s recent article on trying to educate energy illiteracy, and why and how to establish trust with naysayers so your message gets through.  Click here for Tisha’s post

DAPL Advocacy Committee Must Reads (& a good Listen)

WELL DONE, GRETA: Energy Crisis to Send Carbon Emissions to All Time Highs 

a very good read with several quotes of worry by devout champions of anti-oil & gas policies


President Biden’s Department of Energy Just Affirmed Much More Oil and Natural Gas Will Be Necessary 

“Contrary to what we keep hearing, a projected oil and gas boom is completely logical.  It’s a really big world out there, and it’s only getting bigger: from 2020 to 2050, the U.S. Department of Energy has the world adding another 1,935 million people and $87 trillion in economic expansion.

No wonder that the U.S. Department of Energy has global energy demand rising another 47% over the next 30 years, with hard-to-displace oil staying the world’s most crucial fuel.”

Read OR Listen here:


AN ENERGY CRISIS Is Gripping the World, With Potentially Grave Consequences

 “the sudden energy crunch hitting the world is threatening already stressed supply chains, stirring geopolitical tensions and raising questions about whether the world is ready for the green energy revolution when it’s having trouble powering itself right now.”  (10 minute read)


Important Insights on Our Power Grid Fragility from Meredith Angwin

(9 minute read – read to the end for her reason why high percentages of renewables does not look good)


Wind Energy Rejections the Sierra Club Doesn’t Want You to See (Robert Bryce)


Petro Nerds:  Nerding Out with Chris Wright

This very special 1.5 hour-long podcast, Trisha Curtis sits down with the CEO of Liberty Oilfield Services, Chris Wright, and nerds out on everything from the global oil market to frac sand. This was a live event at Liberty Oilfield Services, put on by the Denver Petroleum Club. (Lots of good information here)


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