DAPL Ambassador Toolkit

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From the acting DAPL President, Austin Brewer:

America is in the midst of an energy revolution. Through technological advances in hydraulic fracturing and horizontal
drilling, America has emerged as a global leader – the world’s largest producer of oil, natural gas and petroleum products.
The era of oil and natural gas abundance has positively impacted our country’s economy, leading to new jobs, higher
incomes and lower energy costs for tens of millions of Americans. In Colorado families energy bills are 23% lower energy
than the rest of the nation.

The lack of public awareness and understanding of our industry’s operational practices, and moreover, how important
our industry is to our everyday lives, threatens to hinder America’s energy security and economic growth. Limited factual
information, conflicting reports and fear-based messaging have intensified social divisions on oil and natural gas practices.
As the face of the industry, Landmen have a unique opportunity to engage in a fact-based dialogue with the public and
become true ambassadors for our safe, regulated and vitally important industry.

This DAPL Ambassador Toolkit features key information and thorough illustrations for Landmen to share with their
colleagues and communities. Throughout the Toolkit you will find facts and statistics about energy, hydraulic fracturing,
environmental impact and regulations, social investment, economics, civic engagement and more.
Please share this information with your friends, family, colleagues and community.

Austin Brewer
President, Denver Association of Petroleum Landmen


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