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This year we will be celebrating the 34th anniversary of the DAPL’s Annual Trap Shoot, one of the organization’s most looked-forward to events. The inaugural event took place in 1984, and was created in hopes of bringing Colorado’s landmen and oil and gas community together for a day of fun and camaraderie. 33 years later the event has grown to boast over 300 attendees, including 220 shooters. Participants shoot both  sporting clays and trap. Sporting clays are meant to replicate hunting scenarios, providing a course of shooting stations to test your shot flexibility. In trap, clay targets are released from one station at a variety of angles going away from the shooter. Compete as an individual, or create a team of 5. Whether you’ve never shot before, you’re a professional target killer, or you’re just spectating, you’ll have a blast at this event. We’ll have food and beer a plenty, and tons of raffle prizes including several firearms, as well our the “mulligan” raffle gun benefiting the DAPL Scholarship Fund. Come join us August 20th at Colorado Clays!

Location: Colorado Sporting Clays: 13600 Lanewood St, Brighton, CO 80603
Range Phone Number: (303) 659-7117
Date & Time: August 18th; 7:30am – 1:00pm
Registration / Payment: By check mailed to DAPL or online

Breakfast provided by Stengel Hoppe LLP (starting at 7:30am). Lunch provided by Drake Land Services (starting at 12:00pm).

Glasses and ear protection required, shooters can bring own ammunition or purchase at venue. You will need 108 shells.

13600 Lanewood St, Brighton, CO 80603

Whether you have not ever shot a clay, or even shot a gun, the sport is super easy to learn. If you have any other questions, please click here and your question might just be added to this site to help other shooters.

Q: What is the difference between “trap” shooting and “sporting clays?”

      • The biggest difference is that in “trap” the clays fly away from the shooter whereas “sporting clays” come from a variety of directions.

Q: What should I wear to the event?

      • This is a very casual event. Men usually wear jeans or shorts and either a button up shirt (like a fishing shirt), a polo or a t-shirt. For ladies, pretty much anything works but a skirt. Think casual Friday attire ladies.

Q: Do I have to pick between “trap” and “sporting clays?”

      • No. Participants will shoot 50 rounds of trap AND 58 rounds of sporting clays.

Q: I heard guns are given away as door prizes. What’s that all about?

      • Each registered shooter will receive a door prize from Cabela’s. Between 25-30 of those door prizes are firearms. Also, for $10 you can purchase two mulligans which automatically enters those participants to win a very fancy shotgun from Cabela’s!

Q: What is a “mulligan?”

      • A “mulligan” happens when a shooter gets a second chance to fire at an otherwise missed clay. Bring $10 cash to the shoot to purchase two “mulligan” shotgun shells to increase your score.

Q: Do I need to bring my own shotgun?

      • You do not need to bring your own shotgun in order to participate in the event. Colorado Clays has shotguns available for use on a first come, first serve basis. Otherwise, you can arrange to borrow a shotgun from one of the other team members.

Q: How many shells do I need to buy.

      • This year, we are shooting 50 rounds of trap, and 58 rounds sporting clays. Therefore, you will need to purchase five boxes of shells. They are available for purchase at Colorado Clays, or you can bring your own.


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