Erin E. – Manager of Regulatory Affairs, Colorado Energy Company

April 2016

Erin E.
Manager of Regulatory Affairs – Colorado Energy Company

I am the manager of regulatory affairs for a local Colorado Energy Company, and a responsible advocate for Colorado’s natural environment. I have seen first hand the importance to responsibly extract Colorado’s natural resources in order to conserve the pristine natural environment that we, as Coloradans, enjoy today and for the future generations to come.Unfortunately, I have seen some of my very close friends lose their jobs in the oil and gas industry over the past few years. Due to the low price of crude and natural gas, many of my colleagues have been unemployed or even had to leave the industry by necessity to work. It has been devastating – and many more job loss expected to occur if oil prices remain low, within the State of Colorado in the oil and gas industry not just the oil and gas companies, but also on the service side for the industry as well.

The role that I play in oil and gas regulation is one in which I handle all of the new state and federal permits. This work includes all of the legalities of buffer zones, notices, and finally, the completion side of natural resource extraction. The Colorado Oil and Gas Commission is very strict and stringent in terms of proper extraction protocol and safety. The Commission promulgates and enforces such strict rules with the underlying purpose of protect all Coloradans, our natural resources, our environment and our future generations. I am very passionate about what I do, and I know how important it is. I have extensive experience in rules and regulations for several other states within the oil and gas industry, and I can attest that the state of Colorado has the most stringent rules of any other state within the nation.

I am familiar with many of the Denver oil and gas companies here locally, and I can confirm that these companies are very mindful and conscientious when they determine where they want to drill – they take into consideration how their drilling operating may affect nearby schools, churches, residential communities and the community as a whole. These communities benefit economically via a profitable tax base which goes directly to schools, libraries, emergency services and other vital services that local town and counties provide to their citizens. I love my career and I love the oil and gas industry!

Erin E.


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