Janet R. – Oil & Gas Advocate

I’ve been involved in the oil and gas industry for 40 years. I have proudly worked in the industry bringing much needed energy that has improved our lives in so many ways. Without energy, we wouldn’t have many of the life saving medical devices and procedures that keep many people alive, transportation to get fresh food to markets and restaurants that in the past was hard to find, to simply heating and cooling our homes, not to leave out the basics of cooking and warm showers. Everything we touch from the minute we get up until the time we go to bed is there in some way due to the production of energy. The gas industry in this state has lowered each and every home’s energy costs by over $1,000/year.

I live in a suburb of Denver and I volunteer for Donor Alliance and am President of the Board of the American Liver Foundation’s Rocky Mountain Division. I love road biking, gardening, gourmet cooking and going to the mountains to take in the beauty of this state. I love the climate, the mountains, the choices of entertainment in the Denver area and the fact that our economy is thriving largely because of the money generated by the oil industry that pays for education and infrastructure that is so important to the quality of life we all enjoy.

I am Colorado oil and gas and I approve the public use of this message.

Janet R. – Oil & Gas Advocate


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