Manuel S. – Information Technology Manager

Mr. Manuel S.
Information Technology Manager
Major Food Manufacturing Company in Colorado

In my employment, I meet with Colorado Dairymen and other agricultural professionals throughout the state of Colorado – I see first-hand what energy needs these professionals have and how the responsible energy extraction affects these folks.

The primary concern that agricultural folks have with regard to natural resource extraction is that it is done in a safe manner that protects their livestock and the environment. It is my understanding that Colorado is one of the most regulated states when it comes to natural resource extraction, and it is done in a manner that safeguards livestock, farms, and agricultural activities.

As a food manufacturer, we rely on all sorts of energy stock to operate our factories; these forms of energy stock include: natural gas, oil, clean coal, wind, and solar. It is our firm belief that all sources of energy should be utilized while other, more efficient energy sources are developed. Our operations rely on a consistent power source in order to continue the manufacturing of cheese – for example, if one of our plants are down for a day that would be a loss of about one (1) million pounds of product.

Food production is necessary to sustain life, and the safe extraction of natural resources to power these farming/agricultural activities is absolutely necessary.
I firmly believe that the Colorado natural resource extraction industry and the Colorado agriculture industry can co-exist for the benefit of all Coloradoans.

Mr. Manuel S.


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