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DAPL Membership year and fiscal year run from June 1 through May 31 of the following calendar year.

Eligibility for membership shall be determined by the Membership Committee and approved by the Executive Committee, except as noted below. Application for Active, Associate and Student Membership must be made in writing on a form prescribed by the Membership Committee. An applicant must be sponsored by one (1) Active Member who personally knows the applicant, and who attests to the applicant’s eligibility for membership. With Board approval, the Membership Chairman may act as sponsor for someone who does not know an Active Member who can serve as sponsor.

Types of Membership and Eligibility

1. Active Member: Defined as any person exclusively engaged as a Practicing Land Professional who is primarily responsible for the acquisition, negotiation and/or management of interests in oil, gas and/or other mineral estates, and/or who derives a significant portion of his/her income as a result of performing land work; and who meets specific requirements stated herein. An Active Member shall have a minimum of one (1) year experience as a Practicing Land Professional.  The one-year minimum experience requirement may be waived by the Executive Committee for a graduate of a Petroleum Land Management/Minerals Land Management program that has been approved by the American Association of Petroleum Landmen (AAPL). If otherwise qualified under this section, eligibility will not be affected by classification of employment, department or managerial assignment.

2. Associate Member: Defined as a professional who is not a Practicing Land Professional but who is engaged in support of energy-related land work, and who meets all requirements stated herein. An Associate Member will not be able to chair a committee without the prior approval of the Executive Committee, or to vote or hold office. The Associate Member will receive the monthly newsletter and will be able to attend Association functions at member rates.

 3. Student Member: Any person who is a full-time student in an accredited college may be eligible for a student membership. The membership will allow those students who are not landmen or other type of professional to join the Association; however, they will not be able to chair a committee, or to vote, or to hold office.

4. Distinguished Member: Defined as a Professional Landmen who has served the Association as its President or Landman of the Year. Status shall be automatic upon becoming Association President or Landman of the Year. A Distinguished Member shall have all of the privileges of an Active Member and shall be exempt from annual dues.

5. Life Member: Defined as any Active Member who attains the age of sixty-five (65) and who has been active in the Association for the most recent five (5) years. Life members shall enjoy all the rights and privileges of Active Members. A Life Member shall be exempt from annual dues.

6. Honorary Member: Defined as a distinguished person who has rendered outstanding service in any phases of the oil, gas and minerals industry. Nomination shall be by the Executive Committee, and election by the members present at any regular or special meeting of the Board for the fiscal year then in effect. An Honorary Member shall have all the rights and privileges of Active Members, except that they shall not have the right to hold office or vote. An Honorary Member shall be exempt from payment of dues.

Annual dues: June 1-May 31

Active and Associate Memberships

New Membership    $65 + $5 Signup Fee ($70 Total)

Annual Renewal       $65

Student Membership

New and Annual Renewal       $25

Distinguished, Life and Honorary Members

Exempt from dues

  • Yearly Membership: $65

    Recurring subscription due May 31st each year

    1-time $5.00 sign-up fee will be included.
  • Please use at least 6 characters for your password and include at least one uppercase letter and one number.
  • Enter "None" if not a member of the AAPL. If you do not remember or do not have your AAPL # handy, please enter "Yes", but come back later and update it in your online profile.
  • Yearly Membership: $65

    Recurring subscription due May 31st each year

    1-time $5.00 sign-up fee will be included.


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