Monica P. – Completions Engineer, Colorado Energy Company

January 2017

Monica P.
Completions Engineer – Colorado Energy Company

I am a professional oil and gas engineer and work for local Colorado Energy Company, specializing in Completion Operations which is the science of extracting oil and gas from geological reservoirs using hydraulic fracturing methods and my #1 priority is safety. I am a responsible advocate for Colorado’s natural environment. I understand the importance to safely extract Colorado’s natural resources in order to sustain the pristine environment that we, as Coloradans, enjoy today and for future generations.

I was a field hydraulic fracturing engineer for 3 years before moving to Denver. I have pumped fracturing jobs in the San Joaquin, San Juan, Uintah, Williston and DJ basins. I grew up in Pennsylvania, and initially joined the oil and gas industry with the promise of travel. I’ve stayed in oil and gas because I love what I do. I have been to 39 states for both fun and work, and I am determined to get to all 50 states soon! Out of those 39, Colorado has been the first state outside of Pennsylvania that I feel I can call home.

The oil and gas industry is constantly changing and evolving with newer, more efficient, and safer equipment and safety standards to improve our operations. For example, historically much of the onsite equipment used for hydraulic fracturing operations was manually controlled, meaning someone had to be next to running machines at all times. Today, high pressure equipment is run with the aid of automated tools, electronic controls, cameras and computers that allow personnel to be a safe distances away from equipment. This is only one of many examples that illustrates our industry’s commitment to safety. While I am unable to predict what improvements and innovations we will see in the future, I cannot wait to see what the oil and gas industry comes up with!

During my 5 years working in the oil and gas industry, I have worked in 5 states and have seen the role of many state governments in oil and gas regulation. Colorado is one of the heaviest regulated states in the country. But I would argue that it is a good thing. It shows that Colorado cares about its residents and about the people who work in our industry as well.

Monica P.


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