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Colorado is the most regulated oil and natural gas producing state in the US. That is s good thing! I live, work and play here and love it; I feel very fortunate. The 2500’ setback proposed by the out of state $$ “keep it in the ground” folks will kill the industry in Colorado. Property owners will have no say on their surface. Mineral owners will not receive the royalties they are entitled to. This is a “takings”. If the ballot initiative proposed by these single minded folks makes it to the ballot box in November, say goodbye to billions of tax $$ used to fund schools, fire districts, parks, and many more needed and wanted services.


Also my job goes away; a great job that has given our family health benefits that were so appreciated when my husband was diagnosed with cancer and had to undergo a tough regime of chemo. And the “C” journey is not over…more tests (hard plastic machines), more blood work (plastic tubes), Doctors appointments (transportation how?). What do you think chemo drugs come in? Plastic bags. And, what is plastic made out of? Oil and natural gas by-products.


We cannot live without the oil and natural gas by-products used to make so many everyday things: health products, appliances, cell phones, cars, rubber, bicycles, water bottles, recreation equipment (skis, boats, snow shoes, hockey equipment, helmets, etc.).You get the picture! Read and learn the facts not the fiction.


The 2500’ setback proposed by the “keep it in the ground” folks would basically ban drilling in Colorado!  Decline to sign!


The cover image to this article is the 2500’ setback map created in 2016 by COGCC for the 2500’ setback campaign.


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