Sept. 16, 2020 Luncheon Webinar – Ben Burke – Geology 101 for Landmen


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Wednesday, September 16, 2020


Data Science, Geoscience, and Land Work

Data science is revolutionizing the way resource companies work and the amounts of data that small teams can wrangle and interpret. Just as the move from working on paper to word processors and spreadsheets sped up the pace of work for oil and gas professionals in the 1980s, now technical professionals have the ability to work with hundreds of documents and spreadsheets at once through scripting languages like Python and R and databases like SQL. That data science revolution has come to the legal and land worlds through the ability natural language processing. These scripts and software help professionals search large amounts of text for key words and phrases and relate how much of a document is like another suite of documents. Emotional content, positivity, and other usually subjective metrics can also be assessed. These tools do not remove the need for land professionals, rather they allow land professionals to have a higher throughput of work and focus on the tasks needing human interpretation, leaving boring work to the scripts. No code will be shown in this talk, just concepts and figures.

Short Bio

Dr. Ben Burke is the geoscience advisor at HighPoint Resources in Denver, Colorado. His previous roles include Geoscience Manager at Fifth Creek Energy, and roles with Fidelity Exploration & Production, and Noble Energy, all in the Denver area. He began his oil and gas career with the ExxonMobil Upstream Companies in Houston, Texas. Prior to graduate school, he worked as an environmental geologist for Woodard & Curran Environmental Consultants in Connecticut. He holds an AB from Bowdoin College in Geology and Russian Language, an MBA from Texas A&M University, and a PhD from Dartmouth College in Earth Science.



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