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For over 35+ years, I have worked as a licensed general construction contractor and a real estate professional who has seen first-hand the positive impact that responsible oil and gas extraction activities have on Colorado.

Responsible energy extraction is a necessary activity that, as Coloradoans, we take in order to become energy independent. In all of my years as a general contractor and real estate professional, I have not witnessed my any extraction accidents that would warrant any concern.

The drilling of natural resources in Colorado is generally done in an efficient and safe manner. Modern drilling techniques, such as horizontal drilling, has improved the co-existence between extraction and real estate development. Another beautiful thing about horizontal drilling is that it allows mineral owners to “reach their hydrocarbons” in a safe and non-disturbing manner even in urban areas. Also, numerous wells can be drilled from a single surface pad – minimal surface impact.

It has been my experience that the oil and gas industry in Colorado has been innovative enough to not only locate those natural resources, but also safely extract them for the benefit of all Coloradoans. With drilling reaching deep depths, such activities don’t adversely affect the water tables – the wells are cased in concrete so it protects, safeguards our precious water tables from contamination.

I firmly believe that the responsible extraction of natural resources and the real estate development needs of Colorado can co-exist – there should be more extraction activities occurring in Colorado. As these activities continue and grow, they bring jobs, employment opportunities, and revenue to the state of Colorado – these are huge benefits! Higher paying jobs which allow those industry workers to buy newer, bigger homes for themselves and families. So, bring the extraction activity on!

Drawing upon my business experience as a construction general contractor and a real estate professional, I think that the oil and gas extraction industry can could improve by incorporating aesthetic efforts to conceal drilling activities near urban areas. For example, placing barrier walls that blend in with the surrounding landscape and environment makes the drilling rig less conspicuous to nearby locals. Taking the necessary means to reduce the noise nuisance that a rig can make adds to the quiet enjoyment of local residents. I think less reasons for local people to complain bodes well for those engaged in drilling activities.

Bottom line – the Colorado oil and gas industry and real estate development industry only complement one another and can easily exist for the benefit of all Coloradoans.

Mr. Robert M.


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