Setback Rules – The Industry Needs Your Help!

Recently the COGCC published its study of the potential effects of the 2500ft setback ballot initiative (Initiative #78).  For more information, read the Denver Post Editorial published this past week on Initiative #78.  Additionally, below you will find the map released by the COGCC showing an example of the 2500’ buffer (red areas) for both occupied structure and area of special concern setback for 12 sections in Weld County.  Existing active wells are shown in purple.


We encourage you to speak to your friends and neighbors and post to social media about the potential devastating effects of the initiatives. Below you will find talking points for the proposed ballot initiatives.


Key Messages:

  1. These ballot initiatives will have serious consequences for Colorado, and amount to an outright ban on our business.
    1. Higher energy bills for all of us.
    2. Billions less for education and other public services.
    3. Stripping of private property rights … leaving taxpayers with the bill.
  2. The initiatives would devastate Colorado’s economic future.
    1. Eliminates 100,000 jobs in the oil and natural gas industry and other local businesses that support it.
    2. Eliminates $30 billion per year in economic contributions to the state.
    3. Will result in years of costly litigation as a result of “taking” of property.
  3. Passage of these initiatives will significantly impact Colorado households.
    1. Colorado families save ~$1,200 per year on electric bills due to locally produced natural gas.
    2. Proposals will cut Colorado oil and gas production by more than 60% within 5 years, resulting in higher energy costs for all consumers.
    3. Will likely increase dependence on coal for electricity generation, resulting in a return to dirtier air.
  4. Colorado’s regulatory regime is already among the most protective in the nation.
    1. First state to regulate methane – more comprehensive than recent EPA rules.
    2. Already requires baseline water sampling before and after drilling.
    3. Already requires well locations be “set back” more than two football fields from inhabited structures (more than three football fields from schools and other high-occupancy buildings).
    4. Governor’s Task Force recommendations are even more protective and should be given time to work.

Sample Social Media Posts


Denver Post Editorial: “The real purpose of [ballot measure #78] was to ban oil and gas development while pretending to seek allegedly reasonable limits on its reach.” Read more:

Denver Post Editorial: “The word “extreme” … clearly applies to a measure that effectively chokes off oil and gas development in the state and its associated jobs and tax revenues, while undermining America’s reliance on its own resources.


Read why @denveropinion believes the real purpose of ballot measure No. 78 was to ban #fracking: #copolitics

@denveropinion: Measure No. 78 “extreme” and would ban #fracking, choke the CO economy and undermine energy security. #copolitics



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